Our Capabilites

Stafford RAYNET Technical Capabilities

To support user services in times of emergency it’s vital that Stafford RAYNET group keeps up to date with advanced in Radio technologies. Our operators are seasoned in setting up communication nets in poor weather and hostile conditions. From power failures to natural disasters we can provide a rapid response network upon request of any one of the user services. Click on the tabs below to see more about what we can offer.

Short Range Voice CommunicationsWe provide reliable short range (1-3mile) links to local services for voice and data.
APRS – Postitional ReportingOur GPS trackers can track individuals / vehicles in a working zone report the data back over our radio frequencies and display the positional information on an OS standard map via Laptop or Projector. This system does not rely on internet connectivity although additional overlays can be obtained where data is available.
Short Range DATA CommunicationsWe offer user services a Microwave Data service point to point which is capable of internet backhaul subject to endpoint restrictions. This service can often cover up to 10 miles from a central point at up to 100Mbps.This service can carry images / email and VoIP traffic at a consistent and reliable rate.
Long Range DATA CommunicationsWe can offer slower speed data transmission (text and small images) over HF using packet radio. The data rate is much slower in these modes but the distances covered can be far far greater. (UK wide)